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    1. Ahmed
      Hi , I have problem and want to talk with any admin or GM in game please thank you
    2. Aobe
      Hello Moira ,I wanna report a player ,I saw ur in game chat rules forum but what about alts ? There is a player who is using multiple char to spam the dreams of heaven ,Battle of power and the world chat in general .i have screen where she says she is having multiple chars. Can u guys do something and stop her already ,she is being a toxic player killing the game community.
    3. Emskie
      I just change gender and now I can not log in. This is insane, been playing this for months and spending cash for this. Give my character back. Been waiting for this game since Jade dynasty PC version, and now you are doing this? Come on. Give me proof if I have done against the game. Unbanned my Character. Been sending report on your support team but no replies until now.

      Jade Dynasty
      Server Ritual (NY)
      Name: DxM
    4. Cammy
      Hi Moira, is it possible to speak with you? I hope you won’t ignore me. thanks
    5. Ffusrodah
      Доброго утра. Имею телефон с версией Андроид 4.3. Jade Dynasty Mobile (китайская версия) устанавливается и работает без нареканий. Английская по понятным причинам в России недоступна, но в описании увидел требование к версии Андроид 4.4 и выше (и недоступна мне она в первую очередь по этой причине). Смогу ли я со своим 4.3 играть в русскую локализацию? Возможно ли снизить требования до 4.3 версии?
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    Jul 25, 2017 (Age: 3)