Account Hacked.

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    My friends account has been hacked. She has sent a ticket about it. When will we hear back from support?
    Or will we ever?
    She can access her account but cannot log it from some devices.
    Email and password has been changed.
    What can be done in order to restore her account? We can give account information as well as proof of her purchases previously made (she pays a ton to the game practically daily. She is vip12)
    How can we speed the process and not risk being ignored by support as some of our friends were?

    Let me also mention that tomorrow is the 4th week of BOP and she is in the Leading team and hacker keeps dcing her off her account. She is experiencing extreme stress due to losing her account. To which she invested 2 years of her time as well as thousands upon thousands of $

    Let me know what information she needs to give to whom in order for this to be done as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards...
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    There is also a risk of them deleting her items. So this is very urgent.
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    She managed to get her account back. This thread can be closed. Ty.
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    Thanks for your guide. badland