Ancient artifacts await!

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    Innumerable treasures have been found in the mountains of Jade Dynasty Mobile. The council of the wisest school representatives decreed that the riches must be shared among all worthy adventure seekers. You too can enter the treasury with chests full of ancient artifacts and priceless relics:

    1. Bound ingots x150, Spiritual Fragment x1;
    2. Bound ingots x250, Spiritual Fragment x3, Essence of Life x25;
    3. Bound ingots x500, Spiritual Fragment x5, Essence of Life x50, Lich Fragment x1;
    4. Bound ingots x900, Spiritual Fragment x10, Lich Fragment x3.

    Access the treasury here

    Note: upon completing a purchase you will receive a promo code that will need to be activated in-game.

    Promo codes purchased on the English version of the store can only be activated on NY and EU servers.

    Promo codes purchased on the Russian version of the store can only be activated on RU servers.

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