Attention! Jade Dynasty Mobile versions merge

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    Dear players!

    The English and Russian versions of Jade Dynasty Mobile will be merged soon. All users who haven’t yet linked their characters to a permanent account (i.e. log into the game via a guest account) are recommended to do so in order to avoid in-game progress loss. Characters can be linked to, Facebook and Google accounts. You can find detailed instructions on how to link your Jade Dynasty Mobile progress in this guide:

    If your progress is already linked to a permanent account it will be saved automatically.

    ‼️ Attention! All previous progress from the current version of Jade Dynasty Mobile will be transferred to another identical application where players will be able to continue playing in English on the same server. After the merge, this new application will be available for download from App Store and Google Play.

    Please do not worry: all necessary information and the link to the latest version of the game will be made available in the game’s main menu before the merge.

    We’re sure that after the merge, Jade Dynasty Mobile will become even more convenient to play: the game will receive a new application in which you will be able to continue exploring the game’s world alongside users from all over the globe!