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    For no reason too .
    Got 24 hours to reply. This is bullshit I've spent well over a grand.
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    Y'all sure can update the fucking ingot store so whats up. Fix my account or good luck in court
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    Yo while you update the fucking store in 45 mins refund my money while you're at it .
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    I ain't waiting 2 months for a "we're workojg on it" just refund my money to Google play and he done .I'll go spend my money on a game that doesn't ban those who keep it fucking running .
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    Still waiting buddies
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    Funny you guys sure can take my money, not to shit to update the game with it . I've got 30+ screenshots of my purchases for your game. I don't want your bullshit we're working on it .just refind me .no longer want to play .

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