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    Delve into the history of the Necris school! The mysterious mages, possessive of the secret knowledge, have joined the battle. Wield the power of the undead and attain true immortality!

    Make haste and meet your destiny in the renewed realms of Jade Dynasty!

    New class: Necris


    Role: melee fighter, shapeshifter
    Signature ability: life steal
    Features: able to take on an otherworldly guise that grants a major stat boost

    The adepts of the Necris school are relentless: having relinquished their fear of death, they embrace the dark gifts offered by the underworld. Perhaps the only truly immortal warriors, they command personal troops of ghost mages to instill fear into those who would oppose them.

    New functionality: Enjoy the music!

    Share the tunes you have composed by utilizing the newly added “Enjoy Music” feature, available under the “Melody” tab. Upload your tracks to the game’s server for everyone else to rate and listen!

    Temporal Scrolls

    New scroll added — “Return of the Spirits!”

    Check the “Scrolls” tab in the “Character” menu for a hint on how to obtain it. Activating the new scroll will bring about ample rewards and unlock new snippets of the game world’s history!

    Star Cards

    New functionality available to characters of level 138 and above who have already upgraded at least 9 separate star spirits to level 10!

    Star spirit slots: every card holds slots of two distinct groups — Day and Bulwark. Only a spirit belonging to the same group can occupy a particular slot, though its exact type doesn’t matter.

    Currently, all available star spirits will be divided among the following sets: Dark Warrior, Blue Dragon, and Red Phoenix.

    Other improvements

    1. Tutorials can now be skipped when creating additional characters on the same account;
    2. Better loading screens;
    3. All-new battle spirits: meet Favin, Sapha, Heno, Sebin, and Shatsu!
    4. Abode expansion with new upgrades and decorations;
    5. Enhanced in-game friends functionality with a better search engine and an improved blacklist;
    6. Revised in-game store and backpack interface;
    7. Updated pet breeding system that introduces cooldown timers as well as an option to instantly purchase necessary materials;
    8. Improved in-game wedding mechanics with better announcements, invitations, and venue teleportation;
    9. New clothes, weapon skins, and mounts!
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    Is it possible to change acct server from us to eu.
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