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    Have you ever dreamed about relaxing at a hot spring or flying over your domain on a trusty esper? Perhaps you wanted to be able to breed pets or step onto a more direct warpath against evil and its minions? Hurry up and make your dreams a reality with the latest version of Jade Dynasty!
    Follow this link for the detailed description of the latest update:

    1. New guild territory
    Requirement: guild level 5.

    Once a guild accumulates enough capital, the Leader may choose to upgrade its territory by tapping the “Territory Improvement” button in the guild management window.

    The guild’s territory will be upgraded by 4:01 AM of the next day.

    Improving the guild’s territory grants its members access to all-new daily quests as well as Unity Points, which can be exchanged for valuable items at the corresponding shop.

    Other features available after upgrading the guild’s territory are:
    - a hot spring where your character can rest to regain their strength (160, 60);
    - a special area for the two Blood Forge events: “Invasion” and “Counterattack”;
    - a scenic viewpoint that allows the player to really take in the gorgeous scenery!

    2. New guild event - Struggle with Evil
    Completing Daily Quests will now grant Dragon and Phoenix Jaspers. These items allow the player to take part in the Struggle with Evil event which is held on the 1st channel of the improved guild territory. 2 reward attempts are available every week.


    By using the Dragon Jasper players may summon the powerful Poison Dragon. Defeating it may yield a 7 days Deer mount, pet ornaments, new Master battle spirit and its fragments, as well as level 3 gems and stones.

    By using the Phoenix Jasper players may summon the powerful Poison Phoenix. Defeating it may yield a 7 days Colored Wing mount, pet ornaments, new Master battle spirit and its fragments, as well as level 3 gems and stones.

    3. New cross-server battles
    Requirement: character level 75.

    Available: 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM daily.

    Go in solo or with a team and you will be transferred to a special deathmatch map. The battles are time-limited, so if more than one contender remains standing by the time the timer reached 0, the system will determine the winner based on their score.

    Defeating a certain number of opponents will grant you a new title (check the in-game event description for details).

    4. Pet breeding
    New, second-generation pets are now available with their own unique skins, better stats, and even more powerful skills. Battling evil foes will be easier than ever with such companions at your side!

    Requirement: pet level 120.

    Two players can join the same team and hand their suitable pets over to Aspidistra the Pet Breeding master (58,80). Note that the pair of pets must share the same main stat for the breeding to work. Pet Breeding tasks will then become available at the nearby Straw Pavilion. Not to worry: the pets used for breeding will return to your character after the process is done.

    In 6 hours upon submitting the pets to Aspidistra and after finishing the required task, players can retrieve their new second-generation pets. If you are in a hurry, the process can be sped up by spending bound ingots.

    The main stat of the second-generation pet largely depends on its parents’ attributes but the exact stats may wary and can’t be altered by taming.

    Special items may be used during breeding to increase the lowest and highest secondary stat limit of the other player’s new pet, thus guaranteeing that your ally will get a more powerful battle companion!

    5. Pet ornaments
    Requirement: pet level 120.

    Second-generation pets gain access to the new pet ornaments system that serves to further boost their stats and grant additional bonuses to their owner.

    By collecting and spending several similar ornaments, players can improve the ornaments they use. The same ornament can be used on more than one second-generation pet while they are active and participate in battles.

    New ornaments can be obtained in the Struggle with Evil and Divine Chamber events or bought directly from the in-game store.

    6. Pet awakening skills
    Second-generation pets gain access to special awakening skills that greatly expand their tactical potential.

    There are currently 16 awakening skills in total and every second-generation pet can learn one of them. Awakening skills can be upgraded with special Books of Awakening, further improving their usefulness.

    Awakening skills can be exchanged at the Unity Shop, obtained from the Blood Forge: Counterattack event, or purchased from the general in-game store.

    7. Other improvements
    1. Added the following battle spirit treatises: Path of the Demon, The Treasures of the World, and The Gleaming Blade Tip;

    2. Reworked and optimized character creation menu, main window buttons functionality, menu layout, and other GUI elements. A whole new world of gaming experience awaits!

    3. Improved skill panel functionality - gain 3 additional slots upon reaching level 70. Players can now also quickly switch between preset pages, which makes using skills in battle more comfortable than ever;

    4. Added a dedicated esper inventory to help save space in the character’s backpack. To move the esper into the separate inventory, select it from the Espers menu and tap “Favourites”. Espers can be moved back to the general backpack by tapping them in the espers inventory and selecting “Withdraw” from the popup menu;

    5. Added more furniture options for married characters, such as the Bird for Two Lamp and the Three-Life Swing. Both can be retrieved from the “Friends -> Marriage Benefits -> Unique Furniture” menu for 1700 and 2300 love points respectively;
    6. Added smart filters to character inventory. These can be enabled in the “Settings -> System” menu. Tapping the “Sort” button will then reshuffle items in your backpack, placing them under separate tabs according to their categories;

    7. Streamlined the mass use of items. When using the same kind of items en masse, such as opening multiple Bags of Fortune at once, a window will appear detailing all the items that have been received by the player as the result. New item hints in the lower right corner of the screen will also no longer be displayed;

    8. Added a dedicated inventory for Inlaying Amulets, which can be accessed upon reaching level 120. Here you can tap the “Synthesize All” button to quickly combine all of the lower quality amulets into ideal ones. To quickly transform the required amulet, simply select it and tap “Transform”;

    9. Updated the Abode functionality:
      - added customizable music - purchase a zither or zither table from the store and place it in your Abode to play lovely tunes on. The music can be then saved to your personal collection;
      - you can now fly using espers in the Abode to enjoy the scenery!
      - added new breezy summer furniture;
      - added the 10 wishes functionality: upon making a wish, you will see a choice of 10 possible buffs and the system will automatically highlight the one that will have the best impact on your character’s Path. You can then make your selection or keep making wishes instead.
    Hurry up to find your way to immortality in Jade Dynasty Mobile!