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    1. New Ascension Dungeon: Starfall

    Activates on: Ascension Lv. 60
    Requires a team of 5 players
    Available: every day (attempts are shared with other dungeons: "Cave of the Ancients" and "Chambers of Darkness")
    Resets daily at 4:00 AM
    Daily reward attempts: 2


    Team up with 4 friends and explore the new dungeon! Here you can find hidden treasures such as Dunn Julian, the "Blue Moon" esper and their fragments, yin-yang emanations, some of the "Cave of the Ancients" and "Chambers of Darkness" dungeon rewards, as well as other valuable items.

    2. New gameplay element: "Branded equipment"

    Activates on: Ascension Lv. 100
    Found under the [Enhance - Brands] tab.

    Upon reaching Ascension level 100 you will be able to insert brands into your divine and magical equipment to activate special stats. [Light Brand] can be applied to divine equipment, while the [Dark Brand] - to magic gear. Light Brands allow you to greatly increase your equipment’s stats.

    The number of brand slots on each piece of equipment can be increased up to 6 by leveling it up.

    After inserting a brand into your equipment, you can further enhance its energy level and stats by spending [Yin-Yang Emanations]. Once a brand’s energy level reaches a certain value it can be merged, after which, if the equipment’s level is high enough, you will be able to insert a new, more powerful brand into it.

    Under the [Brands] tab, click the exclamation mark by the list of “Brand stats” to see all of the options available to a particular equipment item upon inserting available brands.

    [Light Brand] and [Dark Brand] can be purchased from the in-game store.

    [Yin-Yang Emanations] can be bought at the store or obtained by clearing the “Starfall” dungeon.

    3. New gameplay element: "Esper Stone".

    Activates on: character Lv. 85
    Located under the [Enhance - Gems] tab.


    Up to 4 offensive and 4 defensive esper stones can be equipped at the same time. Each stone has 2 stats, allowing players to come up with numerous combinations to increase their characters’ effectiveness when performing a particular role on the battlefield.

    If at least 3 Lv. 6 gems are inserted into the same set, additional bonus stats can be activated.

    Placing an esper stone and an Amulet of Change into the trigram will result in a random stone of the same type and level.

    [Esper Stones] can be obtained as trophies in the “Beast God’s Grove” dungeon or purchased from the store. [Amulets of Change] can be bought under the [Shop - Recommended / Gems] tab.

    4. Temporal Scrolls

    A new scroll entitled "Following the Stars" is now available, revealing more details of the game world’s history.

    Activates on: character Lv. 130


    Hints on how to get a particular scroll are available under the [Character - Scrolls] tab. Just click a scroll you’re interested in to learn the details. By activating Temporal Scrolls you will not only enrich your knowledge of the characters’ story and background but can also enjoy beautiful melodies and receive generous rewards.

    5. Screenshot stickers

    When editing a screenshot, the player can use the Magic Wand tool to access buttons for Frames, Effects, Filters, and the brand new Stickers function.

    6. New titles for Valor

    A new stats-boosting title <Public Figure> has been added, which can be exchanged for valor points. Available for players with the title <Take your time. I'll cover you here> under the [Store - Exchange - Valor] tab.

    Only one title of the same type can be equipped simultaneously, so the title <Public Figure> will replace the title <Take your time. I will cover you here> once activated.

    [New items]:

    1. Under the [Shop - Limited] tab, you can purchase Chests of Divine Fragments and Soul Dust Bags of Fortune. Up to 500 chests and 100 bags can be bought each week.


    Misc changes
    • Abode, Dreams of Heaven, and Charm ratings were optimized;
    • Sorting by espers and mounts has been added under the [Appearance - Mounts] tab;
    • The rules of espers enhancement have been changed: esper amplification is now unavailable for branded equipment and equipment with development stats;
    • The rules of trigram synthesis have been changed: synthesis is now unavailable for branded equipment and equipment with development stats.

    Hurry up to find your way to immortality in Jade Dynasty Mobile!