Game is Dying

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    Aug 24, 2018
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    LOL! As the title speaks...

    I noticed that most players already quit the game and moved to ROM or other games.

    Like for instance, in my server Ritual and a friend from Ceremony said that the server is dying, what makes the population growth are their alts. Some own 4-5 toons. Why can't we just merge the server... and make US x EU as cross-server instead.

    I think it's the sickness of JD that the game dies so early same as what happened to the PC version.

    GMs/Community Manager should have a presence in the game where there's a scheduled online live event or at least a Trivia in world chat. Make the community more exciting and vibrant! Can't you see that the forum events are just dead as well?

    There should be more marketing campaigns and most of all--- your customer service is heartless and rude!

    As for refunding which is the biggest issue in this game and a lot of people getting banned but I know for sure they have valid reasons. I think players deserve to have at least a maximum of 2 refunds or at least implement a warning and there should be tier levels of abuse. Make the system forgiving and that what makes a good CX.
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    Hit the point .