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    Two years ago, Jade Dynasty Mobile has opened its doors for the first time. Do you remember that moment?

    It was then that we first met the fair and honest warriors of the Jadeon school and the self-collected Vim fighters! We learned of the harmonious teachings of the Skysong and got to see the Lupin martial arts experts in action.

    Later they were joined by the Sylla, the Yungil, and the Taio Incense Mages, no less beloved by us and hopefully by you! Everyone found a new home within the walls of one of the schools, following a path that was outlined centuries ago, yet so far no one could come close to the secret of true immortality... There are rumors, however, of mysterious adepts that take ceremonial lanterns with them wherever they go. Perhaps, these are the warriors who, according to legends, have surpassed death itself and now use its powers to prolong their own life...

    Never surrender, as true heroes never fret, no matter what kind of difficulties they are faced with. May good fortune accompany you on your every adventure and loyal friends watch your back! Thank you for being with us!