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    *These Rules apply to every player participating in the in game chat.
    *The Rules are binding to all users.
    *The Administration and the Head Moderator reserve the right to amend these Rules at any moment. Amendments to these Rules become effective immediately.
    *These Rules are enforced by the Project Administration and the Head Moderator.
    *The terms and conditions set out in these Rules are without prejudice to the other specific provisions set out in the End User Agreement and Rules of the Game published at the Forum relating to liability and are intended to amend these documents.
    *The punishment decided by the chat moderator and its duration is subject to change by the Administration or the Head Moderator in order to correspond to the applicable rules more precisely, either toward the more strict punishment or the more lenient one.
    *In case the violation is subject to several different sections of the Rules, the moderator decides the punishment based on the situation in the chat and other relevant circumstances, and as a rule is to use whichever section stipulates the strictest punishment (at the moderator's discretion).
    *For repeat offenders, the punishment may be increased up to and including 30 days of muteness. In case of repeated serious violations, the punishment may be increased up to and including the permanent exclusion from the chat and even the account block.
    *In case the player's punishment includes his/her account block the duration of this measure is determined by the Head Moderator in collaboration with the Administration. Player requests to unblock the account are handled solely by the Customer Technical Support Team.

    **These Rules take effect immediately and supersede all other sets of rules. In case of serious offenses, the punishment may involve the player's ability to send private messages (whispering).

    1. Spamming, excessive messaging, advertising, caps overuse

    1.1. Excessive messaging

    - repeating the same message or similar messages many times;
    - misuse of punctuation, symbols, or separate letters (defined as more than three identical symbols in a row in the same message, or repeating the same word more than three times in a row in the same message);
    - over-flooding, defined as sending several messages that could be consolidated in one message, especially sending messages one word a time or one letter a time;
    - sending clan recruitment messages in any form (advertising the same clan by one or several players), "looking for a clan" messages, any in-game trade messages (buying or selling any ingame items) more often than once in every three minutes.
    Punishment: 3 to 24 hour ban.

    Note: sending a series of messages describing the gameplay line by line does not count as excessive messaging.
    - Exit the portal and go to the right
    - Then go upstairs
    - Portal again
    - Hold

    1.2. Spamming / Advertising / Links
    - Advertising, both commercial and non-profit, as well as discussing any third-party web sites, projects, gaming portals or individual games not related to 101хр;
    - Posting any at all links in the chat is forbidden (including web site URLs, e-mails, links to player blogs and sites, third-party game sites or resources not related to the forum or the 101хр company etc.).
    Punishment: ban for 1 day or longer (up to and including the full account block).

    1.3. Caps overuse
    - Writing more than 50 percent of the message in CAPITAL LETTERS as well as abusing the CAPS LOCK function;
    - alternating between the lower and higher registers (example: HeLLo WhAtSuP).
    Only Moderators and Administration are allowed to use ALL CAPITALS to issue important messages.
    Punishment: 1-hour to 3-hour ban.

    2.Trolling, flaming, violations of privacy

    2.1. Trolling

    - provocative messages written in order to incite a confrontation, an argument, or an insult.
    Punishment: 3-hour to 1-day ban.

    2.2. Trolling towards the Moderator or discussing the Moderator's actions:
    - asking the Moderators multiple questions (including game-related questions as well as cyclical questions) in a short time, in order to make their work difficult, also panhandling;
    - messages expressing disagreement with the Moderator's and/or the Administration's actions or commenting on these actions.
    Punishment: 1- to 7-day ban.

    In case of a disagreement with the Moderator's and/or the Administration's actions, the player can contact the Community Manager (CM) from the forum.

    2.3. Flaming
    - messages that constitute a verbal war, often resorting to the name calling and losing the relevance to the original issue.
    Punishment: 1-hour to 3-hour ban.

    2.4. Violations of privacy
    - messages that disclose any personal information about a player, moderator, or the project administrator without their consent.
    Punishment: 3-hour to 30-day ban.

    3. Threats and abusive language

    3.1. Threats
    - messages containing any direct or veiled threats against another person's life or well-being in the real life, as well as blackmail and extortion.
    Punishment: ban for 3 day or longer (up to and including the full account block).

    3.2. Abusive language
    - insulting another player or clan as well as using abusive, insulting or libellous language against other players.
    Punishment: 3-hour to 30-day ban.

    3.3. Contempt to the Moderator
    - using abusive, insulting or libellous language against the Moderator, the Administrators or the 101XP company as a whole,
    - threats of violence or removal from the Moderator's post;
    - harassing the Moderator in game on purpose.
    Punishment: ban for 3 days or longer (up to and including the full account block).

    4. Vulgar language

    4.1 Open swearing

    Punishment: 6-hour to 7-day ban.

    4.2 Covert swearing
    - open swearing, using euphemisms, shortening and abbreviating the swearwords, using all kinds of "creative spelling" like replacing one letter or more, using asterisks inside the swearwords, swearing in any other language, in any encoding, as well as using any kind of derogatory language.
    Punishment: 3-hour to 3-day ban.

    5. Black market, fraud, prohibited software usage

    5.1. Black market and fraud

    - any mention of financial transactions related to the players' accounts. That includes account purchase and sale, donation, or transferring a player's account to another player;
    - creating a fake identity intended to resemble another character or guild;
    - posing as the project administration's representative.
    Punishment: temporary or permanent account block, depending on the severity of the offense (at the Administration's sole discretion).

    5.2. Usage and dissemination of the prohibited software
    - any mention of the prohibited software (bots, anti-anonimyzers, hack tools etc.)
    Punishment: permanent account block.

    5.3 Bug exploiting
    - obtaining an ingame advantages by exploiting the refunds, game errors, such as geodata errors, quest reward errors, malfunctioning quests, etc.
    Punishment: permanent account ban

    6. Advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred, hate speech.
    - messages containing any incitement to violence against other nations or ethnic groups;
    - messages containing any advocacy of national or racial superiority;
    - messages containing any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence;
    - hate speech against any culture, ideology, language, political affiliation or any other kind of affiliation as well as encouraging such activity in other players.
    Punishment: 1-day to 30-days ban.

    7. Advocacy of violence, weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco smoking etc.
    - messages containing any advocacy of violence or weapons,
    - messages advertising and/or openly discussing any narcotic substances,
    - messages containing any advocacy of alcohol and tobacco,
    - sexual and/or pornographic messages, including smileys and their combination intended to portray parts of human anatomy.
    Punishment: 1 -hour to 1-day ban.

    8. Libel, defamation, dissemination of false information
    - accusing other players or Moderators without proof;
    - dissemination of misleading or unproven information.
    Punishment: 1-hour to 3-hour ban.

    9. Player strikes and other purposeful actions against the game
    This includes calling for players to stop spending until desired action is taken.
    Punishment: ban for 5 days or longer (up to and including banning the player from all 101XP projects)

    Note: the fact of a purposeful action against the game is determined and recorded by the Moderator and subsequently approved by the Administrators. The decision for the full account ban can be made only after a careful deliberation.
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