Jade Dynasty Mobile discord channel?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Kenster, Jan 29, 2019.

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    Hi all!

    I'm pretty new to the mobile version of JD even if I played the PC version for years, and since there are quite a lot of things that are different from the PC version I often find myself scratching my head trying to figure out how something works. There's a lot of info missing from the game itself about how many things in the game work and also about the relation between stats and skills etc etc.

    Most games I have played in the last years have all had a discord channel where the players can share their findings about such matters so that each and every one of us don't have to waste game resources and time finding out things that the game itself should have provided more info about.

    I haven't found an "official" discord channel for this game anywhere, but I'm wondering if someone might at least have a private channel for it somewhere? I would very much like to join any discord channel for this game where help and tips about game mechanics and game strats can both be tapped into and shared with other players.

    So far I have a lvl 148 incense mage so I'm getting close to the point of ascending, but even if my incense mage in the PC version of JD was lvl 160 asc, I honestly still feel like a complete noob about many things in the mobile version hehe. I will still hopefully have lots of useful info to share with even newer players than myself if questions I have already found the answers for should be asked in such a channel.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

    See you in discord hopefully :)
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    Setup a game discord channel and if it gets crowded you can add the official mods to admin.
    There are guild discord and Facebook groups atm.