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    Dear developers..
    Could you eventually explain to me why the heck you launch an payment event where it's possible to get all 4 holy ornaments for 1st place, during just 1 month ago you had launched the exact same event, just with the difference that it was possible to get only 2 ornaments for 1st place? Now the players who spent money to get the 2 ornaments at the first event are the stupids, cause now u can just get all 4 for the same effort? Seriously, but are you kidding us? Don't u think players will recognise what kind of game is going on there? What would have been fair is if you would have make it possible to get only the amulet and pendant in this event, since in the last event it also was only possible to get the ring and necklace. But now for what I spent 55k ingots to get 2 ornaments in the previous event, if now I could get all 4 at once for same price? Just for 3rd place in this event you can get equal rewards for which in the last event 1st place was required. Is this really the way how u want to drain money out of the people who keep this game running? I have supported this game for over 2 years, but now I'm out. It's about a principle of general fairness which should be a matter of course, but which i simply don't see fulfilled here. Not even to mention some players can buy ingots for half the price as me, just because they buy from IOS and some other countries currency. But as that wouldn't be enough, now u also have to do this obvious scam with the payment event. And this are just a few bugs and misstandings to tell now. Take this as advice, pure greed for money will at the end just lead to the opposite result, if u don't keep a fundamental basic fairness. Change ur marketing strategy or this game will keep running down the hill, which would be quite a waste cause actually its a nice game. Just by actions as those I just mentioned you are destroying it. I hope for the sake of this game and the players inside it that u will read this and take serious steps to change things to the better.

    Best regards

    from Dignity,
    also known as the One who changed class well over 30 times

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