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    We'd like to know what is the logic behind the server level?

    Yesterday -- dated Nov 30, 2018... 13 players in Server 2 reached ascension lvl60.
    So the more we level up, the lower exp we get.
    As you can see in the screenshot, our cap level is 62 ascend and we can't get exp anymore! Our experience modifier went down to -100%

    How do this server level works?
    Do we need to meet a certain number of players in cap level to continue further getting exp?
    - Ex: 50% of the population needs to be cap?

    Our server is dead, so we don't have enough player to keep pushing the server level.. I think out of thousands of registered players in this server 2, there are only 30 unique active players (not including alts)

    PS: If you start doing pantheon wars, you will see the lowest ranking... so if you're a lowbie, the starting ranking you'll see is 999. So basically, the assumption is - there are probably 1,000 registered characters

    I wonder how JD is doing well?? as company's KPI, you get 30 players out of 1,000 players? That's very bad in business lol.

    What can you do about it??
    I know there will be server merge but then??
    What's your next step??


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