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    Star spirit can significantly increase you Path and stats and help to progress on your way to the immortality.

    1. Star spirit activation

    Star spirit system:

    The blue card opens on 70 lvl, the purple one - on 138 lvl. The blue card is a default one. You can get stat bonuses and increase your Path level by equipping star spirits into slots.

    Tap on your character’s icon and choose [Character - Star Spirit].


    2. Star cards’ description

    The blue and purple star cards are available. Every card is split into three areas: green, purple and orange. You can get stat bonuses by equipping star spirits into slots. Equipped start spirits can be upgraded using stardust of the same alignment.

    When a star spirit reaches level 10, another star spirit slot is unlocked. Max. slot level: 20.

    To activate the purple card you need to reach 138 lvl with your character and upgrade 9 slots on the blue card to the lvl 10. New slots on the purple card are also unlocked when a star spirit reaches lvl 10. Max. slot level: 17.

    3. Star Spirit

    Star spirits and their slots:

    All star slots have one of four alignments: North, West, South, and East on the blue card, and Radiance, Danger, Creation, and Performance on the purple card. A slot can contain only start spirits of the same alignment but of any type.

    There are six types of star spirits for the blue card: Sirius, Altair, Begha, Rigel, Arcturus, and Antares. For the purple card: Kohab, Proteon, Kanopus, Deneb. Different spirit types have different stats.

    To insert a star spirit tap on an empty slot and choose a start spirit from your bag. After the inlay, your character will get a stat bonus.

    To upgrade a star spirit use start dust of the same alignment. Tap on the star spirit to see how much star dust you need for the upgrade, and tap [Upgrade]. If there’s a lack of star dust you can use ingots. When a star spirit reaches lvl 16, one additional parameter is unlocked.

    To unequip a star spirit tap on it and choose [Unequip] to return the star spirit to the bag.


    When you dismantle a star spirit, you will get star dust of the same alignment. When you dismantle a star spirit, you will also get any star dust you spent on upgrading it.

    You can get star spirits in the shop or during the events.

    4. Star dust

    When you dismantle a star spirit, you will get star dust of the same alignment. Star dust can be used to improve a star spirit of the same alignment.

    Star dust transformation: Tap [Illusion] near the chosen star dust. On the left, you will see star dust you choose and on the right - star dust you need to get. From 3 units of the chosen star dust you will get one unit of the needed one.


    Attention! The transformation is only available inside one card. You can’t transform star dust from the blue card into star dust for the purple card.

    How to get star dust: dismantle star spirits or use Magical Star Bag.

    5. Area bonuses

    If all of the star spirits you equip in an area are of the same type (such as Sirius), you will get an area activation bonus. You can get various stat bonuses by installing different star spirits in different areas.

    You can activate the same parameters on the blue and purple cards but their stats differ.

    Blue card

    Green area:
    Sirius: crit resistance +6576; Altair: accuracy +6576; Begha: crit +6576; Rigel: crit +6576; Arcturus: evasion +2629; Antares: accuracy +6576.

    Orange area:
    Sirius: health +82 050; Altair: attack +3515; Behga: spirit +3515; Rigel: attack +3515; Arcturus: defense +3515; Anatres: spirit +3515.

    Purple area:
    Sirius: attack +5273; Altair: health +123 075; Behga: health +123 075; Rigel: defense +5273; Arcturus: health +123 075; Antares: defense +5273.

    Purple card

    Green area:
    Proteon: crit resistance +6576; Kanopus: accuracy +6576; Deneb: crit +6576; Kohab: evasion +2629.

    Orange area:
    Deneb: health +82 050; Kohab: attack +3515; Proteon: attack +3515; Kanopus: defense +3515.

    Purple area:
    Proteon: spirit +5273; Kanopus: attack +5273; Deneb: defense +52 736; Kohab: health +123 075.

    Have a nice play!
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