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    The update has come to the world of Jade Dynasty Mobile! Explore new features, go through dangerous dungeons and get valuable rewards and increase your power!. Let's take a closer look at each innovation.

    Points of love

    After the marriage, the newlyweds are granted the privileges of marriage. Read more about mechanics in the [Friendship - Marriage] tab.

    Performing tasks of the spouses and passing the corresponding dungeons, the newlyweds receive points of love. You can get up to 100 points a week.

    Points of love can be spent on unlocking additional privileges of marriage:

    Starting from 0 points the Honeymoon card is available. It contains the date of marriage, the number of points of love, the oath of allegiance and joint photo. Newlyweds can edit the oath of loyalty and photo sharing.

    Starting from 200 points, a flying sword is available for two: you can move together on all flying swords (the couple can only invite each other).

    Starting with 500 points, Solo Shine action is available.
    Starting with 800 points single action Kiss is available.

    Season Mode in Dreams of Heaven

    Event Dreams of Heaven is improved. Participating in the event, you gain points that can be exchanged for valuable rewards. When the season starts in Dreams of Heaven season honor points begin to be issued as rewards. They can be exchanged in the store for new symbols of fortune: Gift of Hovering: attack and Gift of Hovering: protection. Symbols of fortune increase the parameters of players.


    The Hot Spring Festival

    During the event, you can return to the guild territory and bathe in a hot spring to receive XP. You can also get a reward for answering questions on the guild channel.



    A lot of furniture and plants are added. Decorate your house, try different combinations, change the situation according to your mood!

    Also, many minor changes are made in the Abode. Several functions and interface features are improved to provide you a better experience with your house and neighbors. Hurry up to test out all the upgrades and make your Abode even more comfortable and cozy!

    Maturity Awareness - a breakthrough on the Path
    Activation: 108 lv.

    By unlocking and activating Maturity, you can activate and level up Omniscience in the [Maturity - Awareness] menu.


    Spending Ethereum, in you activate and level up Omniscience, thereby increasing its level and get additional stats.

    At every 5th level, the training of Omniscience can make a breakthrough, having spent ethereum, and get a significant increase in characteristics. A breakthrough has some chance of success. Each failure increases the chance of the next breakthrough until it is successful.

    There are several types of Omniscience, each of them has its main and additional characteristics. You can use miraculous sand to alter these stats.

    By activating all 6 Omnisciences, you can unlock the Astral Core in the center of awareness.

    The level of the astral core will correspond to the lowest level of omniscience. The characteristics of the astral core depend on the number of different types of omniscience.


    Ethereum can be obtained in the Tower of the Heavenly Army, starting from the 110th floor.
    Ethereum and miraculous sand can also be bought on the [Store - Maturity] tab.

    New Deification Skills

    Open the Deification skills window by selecting [Character - Deification].


    For each of the factions (Eidos, Maleus, Feor), 1 active deification skill and 2 passive skills that strengthen it are added.

    Use the arrows and the scroll bar on the right to view and learn new deification skills. Now you have more options to choose from during the battle.

    New entertainment: single free poses

    If you click the "Free mode" button in the chat window, you can see a list of free mode postures. To take a pose, just tap on its icon.


    Initially available small bow, meditation, rest and a number of other postures. Some poses can be unlocked only after completing side and hidden tasks. Feel free to explore the action.


    Improved "Photo" function (in the upper right corner of the main interface)

    New sets of filters, effects and frames will help you diversify your shots.

    Single and joint actions are available during shooting - now you are choosing the pose in front of the lens!


    The new shooting function will allow you to hide other characters in the frame - now all attention is paid only to you!

    With the camera zoom in / out function, it's easier to find the right angle.

    Temptress Rating
    Activation: 1 lvl.

    Look for the Temptress Rating in [Enchantment - Charm]. Each week, the system determines the best beauties of the current and all servers by the number of gifts they receive.

    Do not forget that only a male player can buy and give a gift to a girl; only a female player can accept a gift.


    Female players included in the ranking, as well as their cavaliers, get the same outfits and mounts. Titles awarded as a reward depending on the gender of the players.

    If a player with a female character presented in the rating uses the “Forbidden Kiss” item to change sex, the counter of gifts presented to such a player will be reset.

    Store: what's new?

    1. [Store - Recommendations, Miracle]: Spirit Letters are now available for purchase. 70 Spirits Letters with a 20% discount on the [Store - Limited] tab are also available every week.

    2. [Store - Abode]. New items: Zitner table, Chess Table, Pearl Futon, Spring Futon, Pearl Table and other decorative elements. See and buy.

    3. On the [Store - Pet] tab, the Chicken Fragment Gift with 10 Chick Stone Fragments inside appeared in the permanent sale. Combine 100 Fragments in the trigram hearth to create a complete [Chick Stone].

    Have a nice play!
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