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    New Class: Sylla

    Class Functions: Distant Battle, Summon
    Class abilities: paralysis
    Class features: the ability to summon werewolves on the battlefield and use them during the fight


    To maintain a balance between the humans and the werewolves, Evina founded Sylla School in Pure Key. A werewolf summoner is able to control the strength of the beast, and the werewolf itself can quickly train and gain serious power.

    Fully Updated Abode

    1. Abode Community

    The Abode can now be added to the community. Find out who lives next door to you!

    Activation: Lv. 75

    2. Seedlings and sprites

    Sprites are, of course, werewolves, but they do a lot of good. What will you do when you meet a sprite?
    Activation: Lv. 75



    1) A player can be transferred to the Abode of another player from the Community of Abodes and grow seedlings there.
    2) Community seedling players receive random plants as a reward; there is also a chance of sprites with rewards.
    3) The player can drive out the sprite or complete its task - in both cases they will be rewarded.

    3. Gifts of the nymph

    Having been developed to the level of a nymph, a sprite gives everyone mercy and brings players unimaginable joy!


    1) The system at any time creates a vagus nymph in a random Community Abode. Go to this Abode, talk to the nymph and get a reward. The nymph has 30 different rewards, each player can receive 1 reward per day.
    2) Buy a nymph card in the [Shop - Abode] to invite a nymph to your Abode and at the same time invite your friends to visit so that they can talk with the nymph and receive a reward. There are 4 types of nymph cards; 10 rewards are called up with the help of a nymph card. Each player can receive 1 reward per day.


    4. New location of the Abode

    Activation: Lv. 75

    Description: with the help of new amulets for changing the Abode (available in the Store), you can turn the location of the Abode into the "Jungil Garden" or the "Garden of Stars".

    Temporal Scrolls

    They contain fragments of the holy books of Jade Dynasty, which contain many stories.

    Activation: Lv. 45


    1) To learn how to get a scroll, click [Character - Scrolls] and select a scroll.
    2) By activating the Temporal Scrolls, you will not only better know the story of the characters, but also can enjoy beautiful melodies and receive generous rewards.


    Symbols of Fortune

    The system of symbols of fortune is significantly improved: more combinations and tactics. Now the battles will be even more fun!


    Activation: Lv. 135


    1) The gift of the Phoenix (attack) and the gift of the Phoenix (defense) are added. They can be exchanged in the Honor store for the season honor. These items are used to upgrade "Jasper Phoenix (attack)" and "Jasper Phoenix (defense)".
    2) A new element of the gameplay - "Compass". Click [Character - Luck Symbol - Compass].
    3) Press the compass position to select the symbol of fortune and put it into operation: in the "Luck" cell - and get the appropriate luck parameters, in the "Happiness" cell - and get the happiness parameters.


    4) Added print options. Click [Character - Luck Symbol - Print] and unused symbols will give you print options.
    5) Added completely new combat parameters "crush" and "cover" - they will appear among the parameters of happiness in the system of symbols of fortune.
    Crush: the higher the score, the greater the damage done.
    Cover: the higher the score, the less damage will be received.
    Note: "Jasper Phoenix (attack)" and "Jasper Phoenix (defense)" can be installed in the cells "Luck" and "Happiness" at the same time.

    Way Home

    An interesting dungeon for spouses, in which their ability to act in concert will be tested. This test will help you express your feelings!

    Activation: Lv. 45

    Quantity: Activations are available no more than once a week. If it failed, the attempt is not deducted.

    1) The tasks of the spouses are completely changed: now the spouses can (having created a detachment) choose the “Spousal Events” from the same NPC in Heyang and activate the “Way Home” dungeon.
    2) After entering the dungeon, the spouse loses 1% health every second, and the spouse can restore his health by giving the correct answer to the question that her spouse should describe. If the answer is incorrect, the effect of health loss doubles.
    3) To meet with the spouse, the spouse must go through a maze. There will be 6 mechanisms in the labyrinth, which the spouses will be able to crack only under the condition of coordinated actions.
    Dungeon Reward: Sympathy Points, Love Points

    Note: A dungeon can only be completed if you act in a concert. We recommend taking it with voice chat turned on.

    New battle spirits and treatises

    Battle Spirits

    Silent One: Fragments of this battle spirit can be obtained from the Guild War or the Hot Spring event.
    Fang: A full map of the battle spirit or fragments of it can be obtained in the Cloud Elixir event.



    • Different paths: create a powerful treatise on battle spirits by combining Fang, Silent One, Dan Saion, and Twindi.
    • Evil Spirits: Create a powerful treatise on battle spirits by combining Silent One, Jadis, Jiang the Third and Zemero.
    • Deep Feelings: Create a powerful treatise on battle spirits by combining Fang, Silent One, Tibul, and Wiseman Dao Xuan.
    • Pure Consciousness: Create a powerful treatise on the battle spirits by combining Arlio, Zhou Xian, and Little Hon.
    • Invasion of the Fanatics: Create a powerful treatise on battle spirits by combining Arlio, Lusch, Lich and Sarso.

    New items in the Store

    1. [Shop - The Abode]: new items - Star Garden Abode Changing Amulet. Allows you to change the location of the Abode.
    2. [Shop - The Abode]: new items - Nymph’s Card: Yvil, Nymph’s Card: Phiri, Nymph’s Card: Aileen. They allow you to summon a corresponding nymph to the Abode and receive a reward.
    3. [Shop - The Abode]: Hire card: Gui Li, Hire card: Lapis, Hire card: Snowflake. Use them to transform the Steward of the Abode into the NPC.

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