Tradeable Enhanced Gears to Sell in Auction

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What do you think about the guide? Will you sell enhanced items in the future?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Want to sell +8, +9, +10, +11, +12, +13, +14 or even +15 items??

    As the title says... Tradeable Enhanced Gears to Sell in Auction
    Yes! You can sell enhanced gears whether it's a weapon, gloves, helm, pants, boots, or even ornaments as long as they are obviously tradable.

    A lot of players take for granted of "solo" and "tradeable" statuses on their items.

    This guide is good for:
    • those players who have bad luck in enhancing their own gears
    • players who want to start their enhancement service as a business
    • What's the point of "Ask to Charm" function if you ran out of your own enhancement items? right?

    Here are the simple steps:

    1. When enhancing a specific gear that you want to sell in the auction, make sure you have Amulet of Enhancement (Tradeable)

    2. Don't forget to uncheck the Use bound Amulet of Enhancement

    3. Sell it in Auction

    * Compared to regular items that are not enhanced, there is a recommended price/minimum price.
    * Enhanced tradeable items are up to the seller if how much they want to sell it (no minimum)


    * You have to wait for 2 hours in order the item to reflect in the Auction list because tradeable enhanced items are considered as "Rarity". Make sure the buyer waits for the time so that noone can buy it haha


    You can make your enhancement service as a business now :D


    * If you plan to buy regular items and enhance it using your tradeable amulet then resell it -- Don't! because once you buy an item from auction sometimes you cannot resell it for 30days / 90days or depends how long is the cooldown
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