Valentines Festival Event FTP of PTP only?

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    Help me out with something, please. Is there an actual instance where one can farm the flowers for the Holiday Festival, or is this an event only for P2P people? I hope I am wrong, but history shows when an mmorpg only has events that benefit their "Whales", F2P players leave, causing the games death, and overall the company who owns the mmorpg looses that source of payment (Dawn of Immortals for example). There are people who will join a game solely because its F2P friendly, and if they enjoy it, they become moderate to big spenders, but you must have them before they become Whales. I know there is overhead when running and mmorpg, but holiday events are not the place to "cash grab". Heres a free hint: Fashion. I played PWI for like 10+ years, and people GLADLY paid upwards of $200-$300 for (Tradable) pixel dresses found in "lottery packs". Its crazy but true. Having that fashion, while not effecting player strength, became a sort of status symbol for the elite and made them feel special.

    Holiday events are a way to say "Thank You for playing our game, Happy Valentines Day". Using them as a cash grab is a way to say "Screw You for playing our game, take your Valentines Day love somewhere else". Pixels cost nothing once plugins are developed/implemented. People love freebies, feeling appreciated and special, whom in turn, spend more money in the long run, as counter-intuitive as that sounds.

    I have ALOT of experience with mmo's (Mostly full size ones like the one that shares this games namesake) and the ones who do the best and make the most money, have holiday events that require SKILL rather than cash. Example: An event where parties kill a boss with complex, but learnable mechanics that dont steamroll players with less than 3 million Path Level, which if beat, will give flowers, so that the contest benefits everyone, which is what love is all about.

    Just a thought,
    Thank you for reading
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