World Boss Inequity

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    I am sure Im not the only one to notice that 1 squad 5/5 Full that camps the times for world boss kill, and will kill steal it even if you were there first. They have even been known to pk people who were there first. First, I understand that competition breeds other strong competitors, and thats great. But for players who use this as an only source for Magic Beans, this is ridiculous. How about implementing something that will level the playing field so the 1% strongest dont always get 99% of the natural/timed resources. Additional channels might help, of a limit on how many boss kills you can get. Im sure better people have better ideas, but i hope something changes.
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    No such feature is in the original game so no such luck for now. If it's not in the Chinese version you won't see it here.

    There are other ways to get beans.
    For example sunday's Inferno, Friday's Lightbearer's Wrath, login rewards and the regular boss runs from Spawn of Evil.


    It just takes longer if you are not getting them from the store or not in an OP VIP team hunting them.

    Deliberately done to motivate charging $ for players with limited time.

    New channels open when the map has a specific number of players.
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